Panda Adventure

Panda AdventureThis cute panda just got out of the zoo. It is his first time returning to the wild. He’s been in the zoo since he was born. Now that he is free, he should enjoy the nature. Look for him for a couple of days until he could settle down on his own. Panda’s adventure will be exciting!

Forest Bump

Forest BumpDo you like the rush? Do you want to feel the adrenaline boiling in your blood? Here is the opportunity… Forest Bump is a fast paced glider game with three different game modes. Try your reflexes speeding through a dense forest. FAQ:

1. Why doesn’t the Enter key work in the menu?
– The non conventional control is part of the menu design.
Navigation using only the arrow keys is simple, quick and logical.
In the game there is also no need for any other keys.

2. Can I play using a mouse?
– No. The game is controlled using the arrow keys only.

3. The game is slow and/or stutters. Why?
– Realtime shadows are computationally expensive, see if turning them off solves the problem.